We put your project together, draft storyboards, hire crew & vendors, source talent, draft production documents, secure location and rental insurance, create shooting schedules, and make sure you get the best creative and logistical services possible throughout the process. This should take approximately (2) WEEKS.

TOTAL: $10,300.00


We shoot your video utilizing the latest in camera and digital technology. Our expert production team will seamlessly execute on shots, keeping your production on-time and on-budget. You’ll have direct access to the set, and with your own video village, you can relax and watch your vision come to life on screen. We’ll also deal with the boring stuff like payroll processing, talent & location releases, script logs, and data management. This project will shoot for (2) DAYS.

TOTAL: $17,500.00


We take you through five rounds of edits, and ensure you get everything you’re asking for. Our video editor will cut together beautiful drafts of your video, and our motion graphics artist will ensure your title cards and graphical elements work seamlessly with the live action footage we captured. For more details on this process, including additional rounds of edits, please reach out to Connor Winter. This should take approximately (3) WEEKS.

TOTAL: $5,400.00

GRAND TOTAL: 33,200.00